Anew Nutri-Advance Rich Nourishment Cream


Anew Nutri-Advance Rich Nourishment Cream 50ml

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Anew Nutri-Advance Rich Nourishment Cream enriched with a complex of care oils in Nutri-3X-Omega technology. A deeply nourishing cream for dry and sensitive skin prone to allergies. Light formula and rich composition in one? Try Anew Nutri Advance nourishing cream and see how heavily nourished and regenerated your skin can become. Thanks to the Nutri-3X-Omega complex with beneficial oils, our cream provides the skin with up to 60% more, deep hydration, ensuring its elasticity and firmness. Thanks to the velvety consistency, the cosmetic is easily absorbed – it is great for makeup, improving its durability and preventing skin from shining.

How to use?

A small amount of cream gently pat into the previously cleansed face and neck, then spread until the cosmetic is fully absorbed. The cream is intended for both day and night use. Use 1-2 times a day.


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